WOM Berkeley: Real Residents with Real Concerns

We Are Your Neighbors Not Special Interests

In recent exchanges on Nextdoor, some have expressed concern that WOM Berkeley is a front for “real estate interests”. We embrace this skepticism because politics is full of efforts to deceive voters. We hope the testimonials below can serve to reinforce that WOM Berkeley is a grassroots effort by Berkeley residents concerned about the direction of our city.


Residents supporting us with include:

  • Steve Kromer: West Berkeley
  • Eric Friedman: “22+ year Central Berkeley resident. I own one home and no other property/ADU. My interest is in seeing Berkeley governed wisely and well.”
  • Jessica Behrman: “I'm grateful for the important action you take for our community.“
  • Barbara Gilbert: Vincente Avenue
  • Todd Andrew: North Berkeley
  • Isabelle Gaston: "I contributed to this website as well. I don't have any real estate interests or special interests either. My only interest is having facts available to residents who will be voting on this issue in November. Thank you.
  • Fran Haselsteiner: "I know that the site is not produced by "real estate interests" but grassroots residents who are exhausted by Berkeley's incompetent government. They are my friends, and I am a retired 38-year resident.
  • Ian Kelley: For what it’s worth I was near the ground floor of the creation of this website (I am not a “contributor” but am part of a long-running conversation with the folks who are). I have lived in Berkeley for 17 years, raised three children through our public schools, and have voted for EVERY bond which has ever come across my ballot.
  • Gordon Messer:
  • Alison Huetter and Jed Waldman: South Berkeley. Long-term Berkeley residents Three kids went through the public schools. We have voted for every bond measure, assuming our tax dollars were being reasonably well spent. From talking to neighbors that have been paying better attention and looking at facts and numbers, we are waking up and have joined this grassroots organization to help educate ourselves and others. I wish WOMB existed earlier but better late than never.
  • Jessica Behrman: 46-year Berkeley resident, 39-year homeowner in Central Berkeley. Over that period, I have seen and experienced deterioration of the city we love. Expanding this trend, our city officials continue to bring us unsustainable proposals and decisions, like the $650MM bond measure, which was based on incorrect calculations and untested assumptions. I hope enough people look through the WOM site to begin to understand the road we're on. We are lucky that one of our fellow citizens was moved and talented enough to create it on his own time and dime - it's not a front for any special interest group. As for me, I am not a real estate professional or investor, and I do have a special interest: Truth and transparency from our city officials; Decisions based on verified data.
  • John Hitchen: I am a 50 year Berkeley resident, and a 37 year property owner, and I simply believe that the city should focus on maintaining infrastructure and public safety, not grand social programs better left to the County, State, or Federal government. I was a member of the Public Works Commission for 5 years, until it was combined with the Transportation Commission, and routinely questioned the direction of the city in maintaining our streets, buildings, and other infrastructure. Thank You for starting this group, and I will be happy to be listed as a supporter of your cause.
  • Damian Park, Central Berkeley.  I own one home and have no property interests besides that.  I support government that lives within its means rather than continually promising too much to everyone and then asking taxpayers for more and more help (i.e. bonds).
  • Mary BehmSteinberg
Add your endorsement, contact us at: WOMBerk22@gmail.com

WOM Berkeley is a 100% volunteer effort. This effort takes place after a long day’s work and putting our kids to bed. We can agree do disagree, but PLEASE understand our perspective comes from a sincere belief in what is in the long-term interest for our community.

We hope you will hold those who champion Berkeley’s Mega Bond to the same standard. Soon, you will be receiving glossy mailers that cost tens of thousands of dollars for each distribution. Historically, these mailers have been paid for by organizations that are the recipients of the bond funds. Please ask those that will be asking you to vote “yes” about THEIR “real estate interests” because they are substantial and real.




Within Our Means Berkeley


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